Foundation Mares
lineage of foals from the Al Khor Stud Farm...

We have built our breeding program on the very best mares we could acquire. We have an exceptional group of mares who breed predictably and beautifully. Top mares with top quality conformation and champion-rich pedigrees. We chose mares by highly noted, successful stallions. Not just successful stallions in the show ring but more importantly what they have accomplished in the breeding barn. We feel this and the quality of the dam line are the keys to a successful breeding program. We are interested in mares of excellent pedigree and, for us the key factor is the tail female line. It ensures a much higher possibility of producing quality if a horse has an excellent tail female line. We also look for correct useful conformation in our broodmares. They are all kind in nature and train easily. Mares of such beauty and charisma are the stuff dreams are made of.

Monastri Samra

Besson Carrol x AM Tawney Sea
2011 Bay Mare

WC Mariellaa

Marwan Al Magnifficoo x WC Gorgeous Gazal
2011 Bay Mare


Gazal Al Shaqab x Bey Atheyna
2008 Bay mare

WC CIAO Magnifficaa

Marwan Al Magnifficoo x WC Ciao Bella
2011 Bay Mare

Noof Al Khor

Vitorio TO x Seraphina ER
2015 Bay Filly

WC Dekkadence

Art Dekko TT x WC Gorgeous Gazal
2012 Black mare

Seraphina ER

Bey Jullyen x Pretty Tricky
2007 Bay Mare

PSL First Light

Bellagio J x FF Abigail Bey
2013 Chestnut Mare

CS Khalida

Kahil Al Shaqab x CS Opportunity
2013 Bay mare

Khaleesi H

Ever After NA x Miss Enzo JB
2013 Grey Mare

Dhmaa Al Khor

Aria Impresario x MFA Marsala
2014 Black mare

Yatimat Al Zubara

Adnan Al Shaqab x RN Ajlah
2006 Grey Mare

Rumaitha Al Zubara

Farhould Al Shaqab x RN Ajlah
2006 Grey Mare

Mabrouka Al Zobara

Ashhal Al Rayyan x Halla Al Shaqab
2008 Grey Mare

Keheilah Al Zobara

Sinan Al Rayyan x Ansata Anna Maria
2009 Grey mare

Patrice RCA

Om El Shahmaan x Marwan Christal RCA
2010 Grey Mare

Matina TRF

DA Valentino x Madamoiselle M
2010 Grey Mare

Grace of Kamar

Imperial Al Kamar x Bint El Halimaar
2009 Grey mare

Rajwa Al Shaqab

Amir Al Shaqab x Siklawa
2012 Grey Mare

Serena SWF

Rohara Extrem Justice x Natalia Bey
2013 Grey Mare